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We are South London's only Locksmith Training course, designed and taught by skilled Locksmiths who have been in the trade since 2000. All course leaders are highly experienced managers and locksmiths who continue to deliver services for the Police, Local councils and recognised Bailiff Organisations. We currently offer a 3 day training course for beginners or those looking to retrain in the industry. 


Our goal is to help you learn a new trade. Our collective experience comes from many years of owning Locksmith shops and being on the road day and night. You will learn the ins and outs of the trade in a practical and visual way. Our courses offer individuals the attention they need. We achieve this by keeping our  groups small, a maximum of 3 trainees per course. To see a rough overview of what is involved each day on our  intensive course

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Adult Education Course
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There is no set amount that you can earn from Locksmithing.  As an example our call out fee is £79 which includes the 1st hour labour but excludes any parts. A simple 'Rim Cylinder' change could earn you £105-110. We are happy to advise on Job pricing when needed.