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Our Pricing is straight forward, - no hidden extras! £695 is our standard course price, which includes 3 full days Training, Tea/Coffee, 10 pages of printed notes and a FREE 80 Page PDF Mortice Lock ID Manual.

Call us on 07904 059 133 to book your place.

Q&A's to help you get started.

Is the course always 3 days?

No, Depending on how many people are on the course it can either be a 2 or 3 day course, reason being is if it's only 2 people we can do the exact same course but over 2 days instead of 3, less people takes less time, the 2 day courses are also a lot more intense as we only have one trainee either side of the Tutor so although it's the same money as the 3 day course you get a lot more attention and time than you would if there were 4 people on the course.

How many people are in each class?

Maximum 4 at any time

What do I need to bring with me?

Just lunch money! We provide all the tools you need so you don't have to bring anything. This is a 100% practical course and printed notes will be given to you at the end of the course along with your completion certificate.

Is there an official government recognised qualification for Locksmiths?

The simple answer is NO! As a gas or electric engineer you would need to be 'Gas Safe' approved, but there isn't a 'compulsory qualification' for Locksmiths so be careful what you read online.

Can I buy Locksmith tools at the course?

Yes you will be given the option to buy Locksmith tools on the course. We can take payment by card on the day and you will leave with your items (stock depending).

Will I know enough to be able to get on the road immediately?

What we teach you is more than enough information about lock opening and how they function. However, confidence and attitude is down to you, - technically if you do what we teach you on the course there's no reason you can't get to work immediately.

Can you help us with locksmith suppliers?

Yes, we will give you the info you need to open an account with a Locksmith wholesaler so you can buy stock and anything else you need.

How can I pay for the course?


You can pay for the course by bank transfer or we can send you an invoice that you can pay with a credit/debit card online Please note that full payment of the course is required at least 10 days before the course so we can reserve your place. 

Why do i have to pay in advance for my course?

Quite simply because throughout the year we get so many enquiries and when we were allowing payments on the day people just don't turn up, not only have we lost money but we have turned other genuine trainees down on a 'promise' that someone else will turn up, our courses are first come first served so whoever pays first secures their place.

Is accommodation included in the course price?

No, but if you need accommodation we can point you in the right direction.

What happens if i can't make the course, can i get a refund?

We do understand that sometimes things happen and you can't attend on your chosen dates, We are more than happy to rearrange your course dates free of charge but courses are non refundable as we have specifically given you a date and cancellations will be short notice so chances are we won't be able to fill your slot in time.

That's about it! If there is anything else you need to know please feel free to contact us.